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In the wild

  • $25

    Help educate tourists, tour operators and local stakeholders to get cruel elephant experiences off tourism wish lists.

  • $35

    Give two rescued bears vital medication which helps keep them healthy and strong on the road to recovery.

  • $50

    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 

  • $56

    Keep a rescued bear in Romania in good health by providing nutritious food. 

  • $75

    Shine the spotlight on cruel animal entertainment venues in Thailand that feature these big cats.

  • $125

    Help move travel companies and tourist attractions to adopt high-welfare standards for elephants.

  • $175

    Help protect tigers from being forced to perform in cruel tourism shows.

  • $606

    Give the gift of freedom from suffering! Your thoughtful gift helps save a bear's life, freeing it from the torture of captivity and a lifetime of suffering.

    Group gifts are a fun and easy way to raise funds to help protect animals. Choose a gift from the group gift collection, pick a date, the reason for the gift and get started by asking your friends and family to contribute. Once your gift is fully funded, an eCard will be sent to you or to the person you’ve designated, on the day you selected. Funds raised help will help animal welfare programs around the world.