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Improve the lives of dogs

Give this life-changing gift and create better lives for dogs in Africa. This gift includes 1,053 rabies vaccinations, deworming medication for 87 dogs, antibiotics for 600 dogs and training for up to 10 teachers to educate on rabies, dog welfare and responsible pet ownership to improve the welfare of dogs.

Pictured: vaccination drives held in Sierra Leone and Kenya.

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A wish list is a collection of gifts that friends, family, and co-workers can buy on your behalf. You can use a wish list as a unique wedding registry, for your birthdays or other event, or simply as a way to help fundraise on our behalf. You can create multiple wish lists.
Group gifts are a fun and easy way to raise funds to help protect animals. Choose a gift from the group gift collection, pick a date, the reason for the gift and get started by asking your friends and family to contribute. Once your gift is fully funded, an eCard will be sent to you or to the person you’ve designated, on the day you selected. Funds raised help will help animal welfare programs around the world.