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Holiday match for elephants

Have twice the impact for elephants! Elephants used in tourism show signs of both physical and psychological suffering. Double your impact when you purchase this special Holiday match gift to help elephants in Cambodia, Thailand and Amer Fort live free from suffering. Every Holiday match gift purchased will be matched up to $75,000 until midnight on December 31, 2019 thanks to our generous donor – Sakura’s Hope Foundation.

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  • Elephants are suffering in tourism

    More than 3,000 elephants are in captivity for tourism in Asia, and most live in unacceptable conditions. Day in, day out, they're cruelly forced to take tourists for rides and perform in shows. Baby elephants are separated from their mothers at a young age, then subjected to painful training which prepares them for a life of misery entertaining tourists. Together we can move travel companies and tourist attractions to adopt high-welfare standards so elephants no longer suffer.