Help build a new rehabilitation habitat for rescued sloths

Often stolen from the wild to be used as props within the wildlife tourism trade, sloths endure tremendous psychological and physical suffering. After being rescued, many abused sloths arrive at AIUNAU rehabilitation centre timid, weak and in poor health. Our work with our local partner AIUNAU is helping to nurture and care for sloths during their rehabilitation process. By giving a gift today, you can provide a new habitat for sloths enabling them to recover and receive the best care they need before they are released back into the wild where they belong. 

You can help orphaned baby sloths recover from abuse 

In their short lives, Machito, Baby Noname and La Negrita have endured such cruelty at the hands of humans. Ripped away from their mothers at a very young age and forced into the tourism industry, these calm animals suffered tremendous stress, malnourishment and health issues. Sadly, many of them die within six months of being taken from the wild. The rising trend of tourists wanting to take selfies with wild animals like sloths has led to the exploitation of these gentle animals. While sloths look like they are smiling due to their facial markings, they are in fact suffering.

Thanks to our local partner AIUNAU in Colombia, Machito, Baby Noname and La Negrita were rescued and can now begin their journey to recovery at the rehabilitation centre. With the proper care, treatment and habitat, they will be able to be released back into the wild once they are strong and healthy.

For just $40 you can help provide the materials, installation and enrichment these sloths need to recover. Please help by giving a donation to provide orphaned, baby sloths like Machito, Baby Noname and La Negrita a chance of healing and freedom. AIUNAU is the only rehabilitation centre for sloths in Colombia and these habitats are a priority for their recovery and overall health. 

Please make a gift today, and when we reach our goal we will send you a “I heart sloths” thank you certificate to download.

Photo by: World Animal Protection
Sebastian and Tinka from AIUNAU give La Negrita her morning check up.

How your gift makes a difference

  • Provide life-saving habitat

  • Give a rescued sloth the best care and enrichment

  • Provide safety and freedom

Photo by: WDabrowka, KVang
This wild mother and infant sloth were photographed in the Sobrenia National Park, which surrounds the Panamá Canal.
If you can ride, hug or have a selfie with a wild animal, then you can be sure it is cruel.
– Neil D’Cruze, Head of Wildlife Research, World Animal Protection