Help a rescued bear recover

Help a rescued bear recover

Treat a newly rescued baiting or dancing bear with immediate veterinary care and nourishing food upon arrival at the Balkasar sanctuary. 

For years Suzi (pictured) was exploited for entertainment by being forced to “dance” for tourists for hours a day on busy streets. Inhumanely treated, she endured years of pain and stress. Luckily, she was surrendered and now calls the Balkasar sanctuary home. With patience and care, she’s settled into her new home quickly. Suzi is a feisty, happy bear and loves climbing and meeting new bears.

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  • Help a rescued bear recover

    In Pakistan, bears are cruely used for an inhumane blood sport called bear baiting where bears are pitted against trained dogs unable to defend themselves properly. They are also forced to perform on the streets after having been cruelly trained to dance at the sound of a music instrument. In 1997, World Animal Protection joined forces with the Pakistan Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) to bring a permanent end to the tradition of bear baiting and dancing by reducing the number of baiting events, improving the animal welfare laws in Pakistan and to make sure all known bears used for entertainment are rescued and housed appropriately at BRC’s sanctuary in Balkasar. All 52 bears at the sanctuary get to live peacefully in natural enclosures and socialise with other bears.

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