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Give chickens a good night sleep

For many meat chickens around the world the lights are on all the time meaning they cannot rest and suffer extreme stress. With this gift, you can help ensure producers give their chickens 6 hours of continuous darkness every night so they can properly rest.

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  • Meat chickens are the most farmed animal on the planet. The world consumes 60 billion chickens every year. Most of them – a nearly 40 billion – are farmed industrially. It’s common for tens of thousands of birds to be farmed together in enormous sheds where there is no natural light and little fresh air. This is not an environment where they can behave naturally. They can’t dustbathe or perch - activities chickens instinctively want and try to do, no matter where they are kept. But you can help. Your voice is key to improving the lives of chickens around the world, harnessing it to engage and influence global food companies, such as iconic fast-food brands and supermarkets.