Gifts $30 - $50

  • Heal two bears
    Give two rescued bears vital medication, and you help keep them healthy and strong on the road to recovery.
  • $35
    Freedom to swim and move in our oceans is vital to an animals wellbeing and safety. Your gift can help stop whales, seals, turtles and birds from being caught in lost or discarded fishing gear.
  • $38
    How do you help a healing bear? Food is high on the agenda! Choose this gift to keep a rescued bear in Romania in vital vittles and improved health. 
  • $40
    Give this gift and you help stop the cruel and illegal capture of Boto dolphins in the Amazon River. By funding sustainable solutions, your support can be a dolphin lifesaver.
  • $42
    Help animals survive a disaster by providing one-week of life-saving feed for 18 pigs and chickens when disaster strikes.
  • $50
    Your gift will help educate tourists that photos with tigers are never okay and are cruel to the wild animals involved. 
  • Go where the need is greatest
    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 
  • $50
    With this gift, you can help stop the cruel practice of riding these gentle giants by helping to educate tourists that it’s never okay to ride an elephant. 
  • Save 50 innocent dogs
    Give rabies vaccines to 50 dogs, and you protect them from the practice of killing dogs to prevent the disease from spreading.