Gift freedom (2017)

Gift freedom

A huge new start for “little man”

Machito still cries out sometimes, but at least now there is someone there to hear him and give him comfort. Confiscated by local authorities at just six months of age Machito (which means “little man”) arrived at our partner rehabilitation centre in Colombia (the AIUNAU) with marks and sores of where a rope had been tied around his arms to keep him tethered. His left arm wasn’t working properly and his long nails, which act as toes for sloths, were broken. One of the nails from his right foot is
completely missing. And those were just the injuries we could see. Sloths snatched from the wild for the tourist trade suffer incredible emotional stress as well. Now Machito is on the long road to recovery. Given a proper diet, medical care, branches to climb on and his own warm wicker basket and blankets to curl up in, he can become the animal he should have been all along – wild and free.

Photo: Machito at the AIUNAU rehabilitation centre.
If you can ride, hug or have a selfie with a wild animal, then you can be sure it is cruel.
– Neil D’Cruze - Head of Wildlife Research, World Animal Protection