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Gift Dasha, Katia and four other bears nutritious food for one year

Photo by: AMP. Dasha and Katia enjoying food together in their forest enclosure at the Libearty Sanctuary.

Taken from their mother as cubs, Dasha and Katia (previously named Masha and Lora) were cruelly exploited by a circus in Odessa, Ukraine for twenty-four long, miserable years. Forced to perform as star attractions for paying audiences, they endured grueling training to learn unnatural tricks like riding motorbikes and balancing on balls. When they weren’t practicing or performing these two beautiful brown bears were kept separate in tiny, dirty cages where they could barely turn around. While they could smell and hear each other, they were not able to socialize or play together causing even more suffering. The severe boredom and isolation drove them to bite on the bars of their cages – a sign of the frustration they felt.

Finally, the LAEO (Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization) and the SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue group secured their release. In October 2019 after a 43-hour journey they were brought to their forever home at Libearty Sanctuary run by the Millions of Friends Association (AMP) and funded by our donors at World Animal Protection.

Having never experienced nature before, Dasha and Katia didn’t know what grass or trees were until they were released into their enclosure. At first, all the new sights and smells were unsettling for them, but soon they were splashing in the pool and rolling around in the mud. “It was such a special and emotional moment when they met” Paula Ciotlos, AMP’s Vice President said. “They cuddled and jumped on each other straight away!”.

As these newly rescued bears get acquainted with each other and adjust to their new home, feeding them is a top priority for their overall physical and mental health. At the Libearty Sanctuary, bears receive expert care and are fed a mixed diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and other special treats like frozen blocks made with honey and sweet pastries. Bears do love their food and need approximately 15 kgs of nourishing food a day! As you can imagine, it costs a lot to feed one bear (about $1,046 per year) to ensure they stay healthy, strong and happy.

For $84 you can provide nutritious food to Dasha or Katia for three weeks.

Donate this holiday and feed six rescued bears who have suffered so much.

Watch Dasha and Katia (previously known as Masha and Lora) journey from circus performers to their new home at the sanctuary. Credit to LAEO Ukraine and SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue for the rescue and transport of the bears.

Provide nutritious food for Dasha, Katia and 4 other rescued bears for one year

Keep bears full and healthy so they can live good lives

Receive a certificate to show your support

Watch a live feed of bears enjoying the Libearty Sanctuary! Since 2005, World Animal Protection has worked with local partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) to create Europe’s largest bear sanctuary and support them in their goal of eradicating the tradition of keeping captive bears in Romania. Located near Zarnesti, AMP provides a lifetime of care for bears that have been legally confiscated from poor welfare conditions.
All of us here are really happy that we have welcomed them to the sanctuary at last. We can now finally give them the life of happiness that they deserve.
– Paula Ciotlos, AMP Vice President