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Feed Suzi, Darcy and Camillia for one year

Suzi, a 6-year-old black bear, upon her arrival at the Balkasar sanctuary.

These three newly rescued Asiatic black bears have a story to tell and it’s one of unimaginable pain and suffering. For years Suzi and Darcy were cruelly exploited for entertainment by being forced to “dance” for tourists for up to 12 hours a day on busy streets. Sweet Camilla was forced to fight for her survival in brutal baiting events where she was fastened to a pole while trained dogs attacked her. Tied up and inhumanely treated, these beautiful bears endured years of pain, terror, chronic stress, inadequate diets and no medical treatment. Thanks to our local partner, Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), and to compassionate people like you, that life of cruelty is now over. Transferred to the Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan, these bears are now in quarantine receiving the best care to help them on their road to recovery.

To help nourish Suzi, Darcy and Camillia, who arrived at the sanctuary weak, underweight and malnourished, they need to be fed a healthy diet each day. The bears at Balkasar eat a variety of fruit, berries, nuts and roti – a special treat! As you can imagine it costs a lot to feed these rescued bears especially as their appetites grow. According to Madeeha Manzoor zoologist at BRC, Darcy is “calm and content and loves sugar cane and roti,” and Suzi is “a feisty, happy bear and loves everything she eats.” 

HEARTWARMING NEWS! Thanks to the amazing donors who contributed to this group gift, we've reached our goal to feed these rescued bears for 1 year. Thank you!! 

Please give a gift today to help provide high energy, vitamin rich food so these bears who endured years of suffering can regain strength and wellbeing. A gift of $60 can provide Suzi, Darcy and Camilla with food for one week.

How it works

Provide nutritious food for Suzi, Darcy and Camillia for one year

Help make these rescued bears healthy and strong

Receive an "I'm a hero to bears" certificate once the goal is reached

When six-year-old Darcy arrived at Balkasar, the caring staff were shocked at her terrible condition and distress. Our vets cleaned her wounds. She is now enjoying life without the ropes that once went through her nose and around her neck, forcing her to dance on cue when tourists were near. Darcy is a very calm and content bear who loves sugar cane and roti. She is currently in quarantine as she heals but is expected to be well enough to go into the main sanctuary grounds soon.
Three-year-old Camilla is learning to enjoy life again. When she first came to Balkasar she was weak, underweight, unhappy and a little aggressive. Her owner had been using her for baiting events. Soon Camilla will be released from quarantine into the main sanctuary. The team will be keeping a close eye on her in the early stages to ensure she is doing well.