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Feed Jimmy, Jexi and 99 other rescued bears for two weeks

Jimmy and Jexi  (pictured above) were taken as cubs and kept as pets in a cramped, concrete cage at the back of a bread factory in Arcusi (Covasna County) for 11 years. Exposed to severe winters and hot summers, these two bears endured a life of suffering in a cage that became smaller and smaller as they grew. Fortunately, they were rescued by our partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) and brought to the World Animal Protection funded Romanian bear sanctuary. Today both bears enjoy the freedoms of the sanctuary forest including swimming in the pools and foraging for food.

To stay healthy and happy, Jimmy and Jexi need approximately 15 kgs of food a day. All 101 bears at the sanctuary eat a varied diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. In the summer months, they get frozen blocks made from cream, fruit and honey – a very special treat! As you can imagine it costs a lot to feed all the101 bears in the sanctuary year-round. Many of the bears that were once underfed and malnourished now have healthy appetites and love eating fresh food like fish and fruit. Feeding residents is a top priority and with a record number of bears residing at the sanctuary we need your support more than ever.

For just $40 you can nourish Jimmy and Jexi for one week with good food keeping them healthy and strong.

For $80 you can provide Jimmy and Jexi with food for two weeks.

Since 2005, World Animal Protection has worked with a local partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) in creating Europe’s largest bear sanctuary. Located near Zarnesti in central Romania, the sanctuary was created to facilitate the legal confiscation of captive bears from poor welfare conditions with the aim of ending the illegal practice of keeping bears in private and cruel, captive conditions and ensuring the lifetime care of those bears. Feeding newcomers and long-term residents is a priority for their initial recovery and continued health.
Watch a live feed of bears at the Romanian bear sanctuary in Zarnesti.