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Feed Anca, Ina and 40 of their bear friends for one month

Bears enjoying their daily feeding at the sanctuary

Anca and Ina spent most of their lives in a small, barren pen with a concrete floor at Cozla Zoo in north-eastern Romania. They were forced to share one pool of water, one den and one walking area. As bears are territorial animals, they frequently fought for space causing stress and suffering. In 2014, our partner group Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) rescued Ina from these terrible captive conditions but were unable to rescue Anca as the zoo’s manager wanted to keep her as a tourist attraction. It took four years of hard work by AMP including lobbying, pressure from the mayor and an online petition to convince the zoo’s manager to surrender Anca as well. Shortly before her rescue in 2018, Anca was in such psychological distress that she dug a hole in the grassy edge of her cage and refused to come out. Luckily, AMP was able to finally free her from the confines of her horrendous cage and bring her to the beautiful forest sanctuary that she and Ina now call home. Since their rescues, both bears enjoy the freedom of the sanctuary. Even though they still suffer psychologically from being kept in a cage for so long, they have managed to make new friends and get comfortable in their forever home.

Feeding newly rescued bears like Anca and long-term residents like Ina is crucial for their initial recovery, continued health and overall wellbeing. The bears have a varied diet of vegetables, fresh fruit and breads. Each day the food is tossed over the perimeter fence at different places ensuring the bears don’t have to compete for it. To stay healthy, Anca and Ina need approximately 33 Ibs of nourishing food a day – that’s about the weight of 26 basketballs. On occasion the bears get special treats like sweet pastries or frozen blocks made from fruit and honey, which they love.

For $56 you can feed Anca and Ina for one week with nutritious food to keep them healthy and happy.

Donate today and help to provide nourishing food to 42 rescued bears.

Watch Anca's rescue! Since 2005, World Animal Protection has worked with a local partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) in creating Europe’s largest bear sanctuary. Located near Zarnesti in central Romania, the sanctuary was created to facilitate the legal confiscation of captive bears from poor welfare conditions with the aim of ending the illegal practice of keeping bears in private and cruel, captive conditions and ensuring the lifetime care of those bears.
Watch a live feed of bears enjoying the Romanian bear sanctuary in Zarnesti.

Provide nutritious food for 42 rescued bears for one month

Keep bears full and healthy so they can live good lives

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