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Feed a hungry bear for 2 weeks

Keep a rescued bear at the Romania bear sanctuary in good health by providing nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables for two weeks.

At the Libearty Sanctuary, bears receive expert care and are fed a mixed diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and other special treats like frozen blocks made with honey and sweet pastries. Bears do love their food and need approximately 15 kgs of nourishing food a day! 

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  • In Romania, bears are often stolen from the wild only to suffer tremendously in cruel, captive conditions. After being abused and exploited in zoos, circuses or tourist attractions, many rescued bears arrive at Libearty Sanctuary in poor health, stressed and psychologically fragile. By supporting our local partner, AMP, over 100 bears have been rescued and now live free from suffering in a lush oak woodland. At the Libearty Sanctuary, bears can swim, play, wander the forest, forage for food and just be bears.