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As an Animal Protector, you are side by side with animals when they need you the most.

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Your monthly commitment to animals means that every day you are stopping cruelty before it starts and giving animals the life they deserve. 

As an Animal Protector, your monthly gift means: 

  • A brighter future for animals.
  • Consistent funding and your powerful voice will move governments and corporations to better protect animals. 
  • Constant care and protection for animals around the world in the wild, on the streets, in disasters or on farms. 

As an Animal Protector, you will: 

  • Help stop animal cruelty every day, every week, every month — all year long. 
  • Experience what you have made possible for animals by hearing first hand from our teams in the field. 
  • Get side by side with the animals you are helping through regular updates, emails and videos. 
  • Join a community of inspiring Animal Protectors, just like you.

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Animal stories

Graeme the bear: a story of courage

Graeme is a 23-year-old bear, who loves foraging and relaxing in the forest. These sweet freedoms are still new for this rescued Romanian bear. Caught as a cub, Graeme was illegally kept in a small cage entertaining a mining company’s clients. For years Graeme fought over the meagre scraps he and other bears were given. During one terrible fight, Graeme lost his right eye. Later on, Graeme was surrendered to a zoo in Baia Mare, Romania where he spent several years behind bars walking in stress circles in his tiny cage. Thankfully our partners Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) rescued Graeme in 2013 and brought him to the Romanian bear sanctuary located near the town of Zarnesti. Today, he’s living his life in peace and safety, along with 97 other bears.

Photo by: AMP
“No animal chooses to live a life of suffering so I’m doing what I can to help protect them.”
– Sharon. By the side of animals since 2006